We understand many of our grantees are experiencing immense strain from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in meeting the increased and urgent needs of community. To help address the unfolding and longer-term implications of the pandemic, the Foundation increased our community investments in 2020 by 25% over our initial budget. 除了, we made modifications to existing grants to offer grantees flexibility as we continue to navigate this trying time.

Below is a compilation of answers to questions we’ve received from grantees (updated regularly), organized into these categories: 当前奖助金基金的灵活性, 现时奖助金的里程碑及报告, 对资助申请的影响, and 应急资金和其他资源 (click on each option to expand). 

注意:如果你找不到你想要的答案, 请联系您的项目官员 (可以在“社区投资”一栏找到 & 影响”). 如果你不确定你的项目负责人是谁,请联系 grants@aqtlvq.wang-xin.net.


Q: Is the Foundation making modifications to existing grant agreements to help grantees meet urgent/evolving needs of the communities they serve during the COVID-19 crisis?

是的. We have modified several terms of grant agreements, as follows:

我们正在为报告需求提供更大的灵活性: We have reinstated reporting requirements and ask that all active grantees complete and submit reports per the schedule outlined in your funding agreement with the Foundation. If you had a report due since March 2020 that you have not yet submitted, 我们要求您在方便的时候尽早这样做. If your organization needs additional time to complete your report, 我们鼓励你方请求延期 发邮件我们 with your intended date to submit the report so we may note this in our records. Report extension requests will not impact your existing payment schedules for payments scheduled through June 30, 2021. 通过这段时间, the Foundation will release payment even if we have not received the related report as outlined in your executed agreement, as long as you have communicated your intended submission date to our staff. 

我们为所有受助人提供免费延期: To allow flexibility for all grantees that will have project delays due to management of the COVID-19 crisis, requests for no-cost extensions will only be required if projects are delayed three months past the end date stated in your grant agreement.

Q: Can the 25% of grant funding that project and capacity building grantees are allowed to allocate towards the COVID-19 response be used to purchase food to meet urgent community needs, and things we’ll need in order to work remotely or continue operations, 像技术, 办公用品和洗手液?

A: 是的. 只要赠款用于慈善目的, they can be repurposed to respond to community needs as grantees see fit. 

Q: What should our organization do if we need to change our milestones in order to be more responsive to urgent needs and/or adhere to social distancing guidance?

A: Please do what you need to do to respond to the needs in your community. We recognize that the scope and scale of the COVID-19 crisis and related economic and social impacts is unprecedented. When things have settled and you have a clearer picture of how your grant and milestones will be affected, 请联系你们的项目主管 (可以在“社区投资”一栏找到 & 影响”). 

Q: Many schools are remote so we can't provide our physical activity program. Should we do online programming so we can keep up with our grant milestones? 

A: 我们预计会有延迟和变化. We understand that your priority is meeting the community’s urgent needs, 不遵守授予的里程碑.

问:我们许多奖助金活动都涉及召集大型团体. 我们需要大大改变我们的计划. 这对我们的资助有何影响?

A: We understand that you will be prioritizing the health and safety of your employees and the communities you serve, and that doing so will have impacts on the work that you had planned. Please follow the guidance of public health officials when deciding which activities to continue as planned and which ones need to be put on hold or redesigned. 

问:我们的年度进展报告将在未来几个月内提交. 如果我不发送报告,我将如何得到我的第二年支付?

A: If you need additional time to complete your report, please email us at grants@aqtlvq.wang-xin.net with your intended date to submit the report so we may note this in our records. 发送此邮件时, please let us know if you’d like the payment to be released in alignment with the timing included in your grant agreement, or propose a different payment release date that fits the needs of the work funded through your grant.

问:你会对6月15日做修改吗, 2021 授予应用程序的最后期限?

A:  访问我们的开放资金页面 了解更多关于6月的节目 15 格兰特的最后期限. 问题? 亚博登录平台.

基金会汇编了一份 资源列表 to help nonprofits navigate the rapidly evolving context of COVID-19. You can find information about emergency funding available across Colorado at the top of the page, in addition to resources related to the government’s response (federal, 州和地方), 人口和特定问题艾滋病, 危机沟通, 业务操作, 人力资源等.