Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Having health in reach means something different for every Coloradan and every community, because not all of us have the same opportunities. Lack of opportunity, poverty and racism are key drivers of health challenges experienced by Coloradans, their families and communities across the state. Because of this, it is essential that every step we take creates fair opportunities for all Coloradans to be healthy.

Our approach keeps equity at the heart of all we do by strengthening bodies, minds and communities in the fight against unfair and avoidable differences in health.

Maintain Healthy Bodies

Maintain Healthy Bodies: We ensure that all Coloradans have access to high-quality, comprehensive primary care when and where they need it and that children can be active in a safe and fun way every day. Priorities in this focus area include:

  • Primary Care
  • Children Move More

Nurture Healthy Minds

Nurture Healthy Minds: We address the behavioral health needs of our state by fostering the social-emotional development of children, equipping youth and young adults with resiliency skills, and giving adults - with mental health disorders and substance abuse challenges - continued support on their recovery journey. Priorities in this focus area include:

  • Early Childhood Social-Emotional Development
  • Youth and Young Adult Resiliency
  • Adult Recovery

Strengthen Community Health

Strengthen Community Health: We partner with communities as they identify and tackle health-related challenges, and invest in quality food and affordable housing, to create a foundation for which communities can develop locally-specific solutions that lead to health equity. Priorities in this focus area include:

  • Community Solutions
  • Food Access and Security
  • Affordable Housing

Champion Health Equity

Champion Health Equity: We support individuals and organizations as they develop and strengthen the skills necessary to advocate for and promote a more equitable health environment—one where our policies reflect our priorities, and health is in reach for all Coloradans. Priorities in this focus area include:

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building

Ready to make a difference in your community?

Organizations like yours and individuals like you are the key to bringing health in reach for all Coloradans. We’re here to help you and your efforts succeed.

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